Besides being involved as a producer on albums by The Walkabouts and my other musical projects, I have produced more than 30 albums for other artists.

In the past few years I have produced seveal albums with artists from the West African country of Mali:
+Tamikrest "Chatma" (2013)
+Samba Toure "Albala" (2013) (co-producer)
+Ben Zabo “s/t” (2012)
+Tamikrest "Toumastin” (2011)
+Tamikrest “Adagh” (2010)
+Lobi Traore “Rainy Season Blues” (2010)

Five of these albums reached the "Top Five" on the European World Music Charts. 

Some of the other artists/albums that I have produced:

+Andrea Schroeder's debut album "Blackbird" (2012). Several reviews in the German music press called it the "debut album of the year."

+Developed a special relationship with the cult Norwegian band, Midnight Choir, producing their final four releases. The 1998 album, Amsterdam Stranded” achieved gold record status in Norway, and won the Spielmann Preis, Norway’s Grammy award, for best album. Their album from from 2000, “Unsung Heroine" was nominated for the prestigous Deutscher Schallplatten Preis

+Produced the last solo album from the much lauded singer/songwriter, Steve Wynn (Dream Syndicate, Miracle Three, Danny & Dusty). The album, "Crossing Dragon Bridge" (2008) was recorded at my own Studio Zuma in Ljubljana.

+"Inside Story"(2005) the second album by the Polish/Welsh duo Anita Lipnicka and John Porter. The album spent 11 weeks in the top 20 of the Polish sales charts and was certified as a gold record. Produced the followup "Goodbye", released in 2008, which also went gold.

+“The Island” (2007) by Draumir, which was released by Universal Norway. The album went to #12 on the national charts. Also produced their debut album for which they were nominaterd for the Spielmann Preis as the "best newcomer."

+Willard Grant Conspiracy (Boston), Terry Lee Hale (Seattle/Texas), The Bambi Molesters (Croatia), Vlado Kreslin (Slovenia), Brina (Slovenia), Shilff (Switzerland), My Buddy Moose (Croatia), Ainara Le Gardon (Spain), Pinela (Slovenia), Hic et Nunc (Slovenia), Raindogs (Portugal), Silvertongue (Norway) and Big Sleep (Greece)  

+Contributed string arrangements to albums by The Walkabouts, Steve Wynn, Andrea Schroeder, Tamikrest, The Bambi Molesters & John Porter/Anita Lipnicka



Tamikrest: Chatma (Trailer)

Ben Zabo: EPK

Andrea Schroeder: Blackbird EPK