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NEW SOLO SONG: "Early Snow" 

Here is the image video for my new song "Early Snow": 


This was the first song I finished writing for the upcoming solo album - almost exactly a year ago. Alastair McNeill joins me on analog synth and production. 

The album "Where the Spirit Rests" is out on June 4th. It's available for pre-order via Glitterhouse mail order and "Early Snow" can be streamed at the usual places: https://linktr.ee/ChrisEckman​

2018 Album Releases 

After a few years of not making any new music, things got a little bit carried away. The 2018 discography: 

Dirtmusic - Bu Bir Rya 
The Strange - Echo Chamber 
Distance, Light & Sky - Gold Coast 
Katalena - Človek ni zver (producer) 
Chloe Mons - Hôtel de l'univers (producer) 

A big thanks to all the stand up, hyper-talented people I worked with on these. I feel damn lucky to have been included.

Near in the Distance 2 

I was part of an unforgettable performance put together by my good friend Rupert Huber (from Tosca and L/O/N/G) and the visionary folks at net:art. Rupert, Richard Dorfmeister and drummer Maria Petrova played in front of an audience in Vienna and myself and several others sang/played along in real-time via super high speed internet. Vienna, Ljubljana, Barcelona, Prague, NYC and Judenburg, Austria were all part of the soundscape.


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